Please contact us to discuss the process and options for your mare. We are happy to find the best individual plan for you and your horse. We offer very reasonable prices- please contact us for a current pricelist.

Dr. Simson provides embryo flushing and transfer services. This process involves setting up the donor mare, inseminating, then seven-eight days after ovulation the mare will be flushed for an embryo. If the mare has conceived and an embryo is present, the embryo is transferred into a recipient mare. Seven days after transfer, the recipient mare will be scanned to see if she has taken the pregnancy.

There are many factors involved in this process; having the donor mare set up correctly, handling the embryo properly as not to damage, and having a suitable recipient mare to accept the embryo and carry on the pregnancy. At Carmyle, you an expect our experienced team to give your mare the best possible chance through diligent preparation and an excellent recipient herd. Dr. Simson has vast experience in this area, and a technique that yields results.

We can set-up and inseminate the mares in-house, or clients may wish to have their mares inseminated elsewhere and bring the donor mares and recipient mares to Carmyle to be flushed and embryos transferred. During the 2014/15 season Dr. Simson settled over 115 Carmyle recipient mares with embryo pregnancies, having an over 90% embryo transfer success rate for most of the season. During the 2016/17 season 170 Carmyle recipient mares were settled with embryo pregnancies. We also work with vet clinics to receive shipped embryos to transfer into Carmyle recipient mares and we have had good success so far.

Carmyle Recipient Mares


At Carmyle we run over 300 recipient mares, mostly Standardbreds. Dr. Simson attributes much of his high embryo transfer success rate to the diligent care and management of his recipient mare herd. Now that we have been set up for a few years, many are proven mothers and all recipients are handled and processed three days a week during breeding season.

We also have larger recipient mares set aside for Warmblood (or other large breed) donor mares. Our recipient mares, once pregnant, are leased to the owner of the embryo for up to 18 months then must be returned in good condition.

Ultrasound examinations and set up of mares for insemination with fresh, cool shipped, and frozen semen. Each year the number of AI's has steadily increased, with Dr. Simson inseminating over 500 in house mares in the 2016/2017 season, with nearly 200 of those being with frozen semen. Carmyle also offers the service of setting up mares to be live covered.

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Dr. Simson has been at the forefront of equine reproduction techniques for over thirty years. He has worked at Hunter Valley stud farms through Scone, England, Kentucky USA, and through twenty years of embryo transfer has aided development one of the finest breeds of polo horses in the world at Ellerston, NSW. Mares with histories of reproductive problems been sent to Dr. Simson from across Australia. Through his extensive patience, knowledge, passion, and experience, he often achieves success.     

Carmyle Veterinary Services offers several stallion services:
  • Stallion Semen & Breeding Soundness Evaluation including longevity Trials and Morphology examinations
  • Stallion collection and shipment of chilled semen
  • Stallion semen freezing
  • Epididymal semen freezing (freezing semen from the epididymis of testicles after castration) Check out this article.
  • Storage of frozen semen

Stallion agistment in brand new stallion runs with stables is available.